Welcome to our Public Consultation Website

At Esquire Developments we recognise the importance of understanding the views of the local community and we wish to ensure we engage positively with local residents about our emerging schemes.

Each site and local community has its own characteristics and is unique to those that live there or wish to live there. We want to understand as best we can the views of the local community to help us influence and shape our emerging proposals. This understanding will ultimately help us bring forward a scheme that complements the existing community and local area and reflects local aspirations, whether that be the design of the dwellings, the housing mix or the overall layout.

As an SME Housebuilder, all our designs are bespoke, and we are flexible about how we approach the design and layout of a site. Understanding your views is extremely important to us and will allow us to bring forward the best scheme we can.

Please note: We will process the personal data you have provided to manage and support the development; this may include using your personal data to respond directly to any comments or undertaking a specific response exercise as a result of any comments we receive. Your personal data will not be shared externally, except with our professional advisors and solicitors if necessary. You can find more information about how we use your information, to whom and how we share it in our Privacy Policy.

Please click on the link below for more information about our emerging development in your local community:

> Edinburgh Road, Grain
Land West of Edinburgh Road, Isle of Grain
Expires: Thursday, 4 April, 2024

> Broomhill, Wingham
Land adjacent ot Broomhill, Gobery Hill, Wingham
Expires: Wednesday, 3 April, 2024

> Land Adjacent to Fenn Street
Land Adjacent to Fenn Street and Ratcliffe Highway, St Mary Hoo
Expires: Tuesday, 2 April, 2024